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I lost my beloved yorkie in an accident, and looking for another one found what was listed as a yorkie at VIOLA VALLEY DOGS of warren co. tennessee.

being part of pet finders I trusted them, I did not get a yorkie, I got a mutt for $300.00. I should have known it was a dirty deal when she wanted to meet in lowes parking lot in McMinvill, but dumb me trusted her and took the dog and paid her.

Got home and clipped part of his baby cot off and found I had a half starved mutt, with no people skills, starving and covered in fleas. Avoid them like the plague, unless you get recommendations and Call the recommendation.

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Dieganluv, who every you are, the 26 pages are adopted dogs.


why didn't she just post LOOKS LIKE YORKIE, BUT PARENTS UNKNOWN, this seem to have been the logical post, if she did not know the dog was a yorkie or not.

Horton, Alabama, United States #302419

We adoped our beloved dog, Wrigley, from VVD and we couldn't be happier. We drove an hour and a half to get to Linda's place and left that day with our puppy.

She had many dogs and puppies on the property, each in their own little penned area with fresh food and crystal clear water. These dogs are kept in GREAT conditions and are treated with love.

The litter had some fleas, but being dropped off on her porch - what would you expect?

Linda gave our puppy his shot right in front of us and we were on our way.

Since then, (2 years ago) we have done nothing BUT recommend our friends to VVD. GREAT experience.

Loved Linda's post back to the "yorkie complainer..." good for you Linda!


wow, Linda coursey has toooooo many animals to take care of and can't handle it. she has 26 pages on

Also it's suspicious that she doesn't let people come out to her property maybe because of the unsanitary conditions the animals are in.

Really your not helping the animals when people adopt them and they are infested with fleas mange and ringworm. I doubt my toy poodle had ever been out of his kennel.

to dieganluv #606990

dont know were you got info... we went to property twice an got a big ole baby all these yrs later...

she gave her shots, an bathed her when we picked her up...

she was a fat little booger when we got her... some people kill me...


I adopted a miniature schnauzer from Linda. Abbie is purebred and everything I could have hoped for and more.

My vet has told me Abbie is the most beautiful puppy she has ever seen. Linda is a wonderful person and I would definitely deal with her again. I could have purchased from a breeder but I prefer to adopt.

Linda and I correspond with updates on Abbie. She is a very caring person.


I'm glad you are satisfied with the dog yu got from Violla Valley dogs. I was not looking for a pure bred, but I was looking something more than a muff I could have gotten from the humane Socity I still say I GOT SCREWED BY VIOLLA VALLEY DOGS.

THIS "YORKIE" I got now weights over 30 lbs or did when I had him newered and yes they will neuter any animal 3mo. or older.

I totally agree with her I WISH I HAD NOT ADOPDED HIM FROM HER. and will continue to say I GOT SCREWED BY VIOLLA VALLEY DOGS


anything come of the voila valley rescue situation


We adopted a Cocker Spaniel mix from Linda & VVD Dec. 20,2009, and are more than satisfied.

He is a great dog and gets along well with our other two dogs who are also rescues. Rescue groups and Petfinder describe dogs by breed as a generalization, not as purebreds. I believe Linda's response 100%. Anyone who wants to buy a purebred dog will search out a breeder, check references, and expect to pay top dollar for a dog with guaranteed blood lines and certifications and guarantees against hereditary/congenital problems like hip dysplasia, heart problems, etc.

You don't expect this from a rescue - you go to a rescue to save an animal from being killed. I believe Linda was completely honest and forthcoming with all the information she had. We live in Georgia & drove to Tenn. to get our dog from Linda and it was worth it.

He had some fleas and sarcoptic mange in one ear, but things like that are to be expected with rescues, especially puppies, and we took care of it - no big deal. He was just neutered , but I would rather Linda keep the deposit and use it for the rescue than to send it back to us. It takes a lot of money and dedication to operate a rescue.

The person complaining was trying to get a purebred "on the cheap" without doing any thinking or using any common sense. The complaint against VVD is completely unwarranted and a case of "sour grapes" from a bitter person who is trying to tarnish the good name of Linda Coursey and Viola Valley Dogs.

to Tommy Spratlin #606992

Amen.....we got a beautiful loving baby from Linda.... she is one big ole baby.... an very healthy....


This lady contacted me about a Yorkie I had posted on petfinder. The person who surrendered the dog said it was a Yorkie that would be the bigger Yorkie.

This older lady contacted me and said she had just lost her yorkie and wanted one that would be bigger. I had to attend a funeral that morning so I met her and told her I would meet her in McMinnville and she said she knew where Lowe's was, so I told her I would meet her there. I took the dog to the vet, Dr. Malone, before I went to the funeral and got his rabies and parvo/distemper.

They thought he was very pretty. He was washed before I left home. When I meet the woman she like him and I told her I was not sure if he was full blooded and she even said he looked like he had Schanazer in him. I did not force the lady to adopt him and did not hear anything until I got a letter from the Better Business Bureau and they said I did not have to reply.

About a month ago she send me an email and said she wanted her $300 back and I could have the dog and she had not got him neutered that it was my responsibility to do that. He was a puppy and my vets will not do that so I charged a $25 neuter depoist which is required by law and after proof of neuter the deposit would be refunded. I wish the lady had not adopted the dog, because I fear for him.

I am a rescue and she should have got to a breeder if she wanted a pure breed.

Linda Coursey

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